Victor A. Coogan 1865

First member of Thomas R. and Mary J. (Armstrong) Coogan family.

Victor A. Coogan
b. May 24, 1865 in Kingston, Ontario (Canada)       Naturalized  29 Nov. 1871    d.  Jun. 1, 1923 of acute cardiac arrest
rp. Albany Rural Cemetery, Lot #273, Section #121.
m. Laura Elizabeth Valiant    b. Jan.20, 1870  d. Jan.18, 1964   Age 94.  Buried beside her huband.  Daughter of George Y. and Kate (Sugden) Valiant
Marriage performed Apr. 23, 1890 at the Episcopal Trinity Church, 36 Trinity Place, Albany

Extracted from the Albany Evening Post, 2 June 1923:


Paralysis of the heart is given by coroner J. E. Mullen as the cause of death of Victor A. Coogan. 58, clerk, who expired suddenly last night at his home, 43 Robin Street, after eating a hearty supper. Dr. O. E. Brenentuhl, coroner's physician performed an autopsy. Mr. Coogan was a brother to Captain William Coogan of the third police precinct.

Mr. Coogan was born in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. When an infant, his parents moved to Albany. In 1882 he was enlisted in the US Army and for five years served in the South West Indian campaigns under General Nelson A. Miles. At the time of his death he had been in the employ of the Gibson-Snow Co., wholesale druggist, 615 Broadway, for 16 years.

The survivors are his widow Laura E.Valiant ; four sons, William W., Victor A. Jr., Elmer and James, and two daughters, Mrs. Ray Love and Mrs. Arthur Greene.

Other sources of information:

· Soundex file C250, reel 26. Albany State Library.  · Census Vol. 2 ed 37 sht 19 line 89, Naturalized 29 Nov. 1871.

Clarence Sidney Coogan, a half brother of a third marriage, was twelve years younger than Victor. Clarence liked Victor (as told to the author), probably hero worship. He tells of Victor's paper stand on Delaware avenue where he would help Victor sell papers on Sunday mornings. Clarence referred to Victor's limp, however, there is no record of an army injury.  

The following service Information is taken from Victors Pension records:

In the Albany City directories, for numerous years, Victor is listed as a musician and trumpeter. Victor entered service at 16 and was discharged at 21. Its possible he began his musical talents as a bugler for his company.  Victors half brother Thomas R. Coogan Jr. served in the same Company - same Regiment until Thomas contracted consumption (TB).
Thomas died before Victor left San Diego baracks for Arizona.
Laura applied for and received Victor's pension of $40 a month after Victor died.

From the 1924 Albany Directory:

Coogan, Elmer M.      Chauffer 43 Robin St. (Victor's son)
Coogan, Laura J.       married Raymond Love (Widowed in 1927)
Coogan, Victor A.      Traffic Division 92 Sheridan Ave.

From the 1945 Albany Directory:

Coogan, Clarence S. (Ellen A) Watchman for L.R. Mack. House at 688 State
Coogan, Emile E. (Nurse) Widow of Victor A. Jr. 373 Sheridan Ave
Coogan, Laura E. Widow of Victor A. Sr. House at 190 Clinton Ave.
Coogan, Justina . Widow of William C. House at 460 Yates
Coogan, William M. (Wilhelmia) Auto painter for Albany Garage. House at 45 Elk St.

I have very little history of Victor's members other than Victor A. Jr. being a patrolman in the forth precinct. Victor A. Jr. would be of my father's generation born in 1898. 

A disappointing experience was the composition of a form letter sent to all Albany Coogans. No reply was ever received.


Members in Victor A. and Laura Elizabeth (Valiant) Coogan family:

Bertha May Coogan     b. Dec. 1890  d. Nov.16, 1905, Nephritis
Laura Jane Coogan     b. Dec.1891      Married Raymond Love
Mary Rice Coogan      b. Mar. 1893     Married Arthur E. Green
Victor Albert Coogan      b. Sep. 1895   d.Apr. 11, 1930.  Bullet wound of skull, Suicide
William Martin Coogan   b. Nov. 1897 d. Apr. 1984
Edward Wright Coogan   b. Jan.27, 1899  d. Aug.16, 1899
Clarence Valiant Coogan    b. Apr.15, 1900  d. Jul.5, 1900
Elmer Milton Coogan       b. May.28, 1901
Elizabeth Nawgle Coogan   b. Aug.19, 1902  d. Apr.27, 1916
Lucy Evelyn Coogan          b. Mar.16, 1904  d. Sep.4, 1904.  Acute Enteritis
Ella Louise Coogan          b.Dec.28,1906  d. Jan.25, 1907
James Francis Coogan     b. Aug.11, 1905

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