My career path was again shattered with the announcement that Drafting / Design would be moved to Poughkeepsie and Raleigh, NC. People had been computer-trained previous to the move and we were not invited. We were asked to change career paths again..

I did not like it though I didn't dare refuse - who knows where I'd be sent otherwise?   I was assured my drafting talents would still be utilized.

I bit the pen, accepted the challenge and I became a layout person for material written by technical writers and typed in a secretarial pool. I would cut, paste and size each page sent to the publisher (printing house). We did not print our own computer manuals , although IBM was the largest publisher other than the U.S. government.

In the meantime I continued college courses in tech writing, short story writing, the modern novel, American and English Lit., and poetry. It eventually paid off.  During my last fifteen years with IBM I became a senior writer of their computer manuals - a position that paid well.

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