IBM is impressed with people who achieve. When the degree was entered in my jacket, they started looking for an opening in the drafting / design area. I was granted an interview with the manager, Joel Brink. Joel accepted me an I walked on air from the computer department to drafting / design.

John Brink, by then, was manager of computing. A fine manager who worked hard to find me the new position. It was a coincident that my new manager was "Joel" Brink. John and Joel were not related.  I worked harmoniously with Joel for a year. He was replaced by another great person, Bob Finkle. Bob had been a waist gunner on B17's in Europe. He could relate some grisly tales of experiences.

Within three years I was promoted to Senior Draftsman. At one point I introduced inked drawings, much to the dismay of the engineers. While drawings were done in pencil the engineers could cover their own mistakes by taking the drawings from the storage room, altering them, and returning them without anyone's knowledge. However, if the change was not entered as an EC change (Engineering Change) on the computer, Kingston would be making the part differently from any other IBM plant in the world. And this did happen often.

I was given recognition for the work and a generous bonus.

About this time my wife, Gerry, and I realized we could not continue with our differences.  We parted.  I agreed to giving Gerry all but $1000 and the car. We both believed it best.

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