Computer Operator

IBM being a fast changing company, its people had to adjust and change with it.  The trend toward assembly began to overshadow manufacturing which was built around electric typewriters. When IBM produced typewriters they also made all the parts needed for their assembly.  A radical change occurred  when the 360 series computer made its debut.  The mammoth floor areas were dedicated to the assembly and testing of the computers. To keep pace with the increasing demand the manufacture of parts and cables were contracted to outside companies. With this went my newly acquired blacksmith trade.

My manager being very complimentary of my past performance suggested transferring me to computer operations.   To many adults computers were a new and complicated thing that just scared the hell out of us; where as people fresh from high schools accepted the challange with out fear. My stomach was constantly upset. I didn't learn fast and it became the most disliked job I ever held. I hated computers with a passion.The people in the computer room were new to me. They already had operating knowledge and they were much younger than I.  Much to my distress it was a very competitive area and no one seemed willing to help this old guy who was beginning to show gray hair.

Rather than leave IBM for more enjoyable work I decided to attend college days while continuing to work nights.
Also as a night shift operation it gave me the opportunity to spend time with Linda. During  the time I had spent in little league, Linda was denied my company.  Maybe she was happier without it. Regardless, she was now stuck with me.

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