Andrew J.Snyder

Though Andrew ruled his personal business with an iron hand and was demanding of his employees, he would do anything within reason for the kids or the town.

Walter Williams wrote a fine book telling of Andrew buying the cement business contrary to the wishes of his aunt Min. Aunt Min held the family money and a determined personality. Andrew had only a few thousand dollars to his name.  He had someone else purchase the property with his few thousand and turn the property over to Andrew after the purchase. From there it became a multimillion dollar company under the name of the Rosendale Cement Co. Because of its quality, the state required one bag of Rosendale Cement to be mixed with every six bags of Portland cement. The Brooklyn Bridge was built entirely with Rosendale Cement.

Andrew bought a church in the village and converted it to the Rosendale town library.

Before his death, he deeded the entire plot of land bordering the Rondout Creek to the Rondout Valley Little League. A large sign was placed at the entrance "Andrew J. Snyder Little League Field."

The land now has electricity and three baseball diamonds.  It used to accommodate 200 boys. Today the girls have equal use of the fields.

Andrew gave Little League the use of the land in 1957.  May 29, 1999 I visited the field to watch my Granddaughter's team play.  I had not been to the field for possibly thirty years.  It was a most gratifying experience.  Within those thirty years, the past little leaguers became Parents and then Grandparents.  Those people have built the field to a symbol of community dedication and are now coaching their own children's teams.

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