I submitted my application to IBM with the hope of eventually working in Kingston. On that basis we began searching real estate offerings to find an acceptable home within our means.

Bucolic is an accurate description for the town of Rosendale; Quiet, peaceful and surrounding farms. We found and decided upon a property in the hamlet of Binnewater on the corner of Circle and Sawdust Avenue. With the insurance money we received from the fire, we placed a down payment on the Binnewater home.  The house was built about 1900 by a Colonel Wynn. It was updated to inside plumbing by the next buyer, Martha Zembrod. She also installed electricity, a Westinghouse range and water heater which are still operable today - fifty years later.

A quarter mile west on Sawdust Avenue was a three room school house. Charles was registered for attendance a week before school opened. We closed on the property and moved in toward the last of August.

Neighbors inquired of my work ability and I told them I was an truck mechanic. The People couldn't have been more helpful. They informed me of an Arthur Mulligan taxi and school bus service that was in need of a mechanic.

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