Mustering Out

Again we lined up by the hundreds to face all the Scribes, Pharmacists mates Medics and Ninety Day Wonders acting as attorneys on behalf of the Navy.

This time we were wearing uniforms. (Not naked)

No one would be allowed out who might be a medical threat to society. Paper work followed us all day and was checked at each station.


· Were you wounded in action? (The guy was probably in a wheelchair)

· Were you hurt in service related activities?

· Where did it happen?

· Were you sober?

And on through the day

The Navy knew there would be claims by hundreds of thousands of sailors.

To filter out the false claims was, no doubt, a monstrous task. However, these Wonders, I'm sure, would minimize serious disabilities to impress their superiors with the amount of money they saved.

I dislike Wonders as much as I dislike the Red Cross.

We received our mustering out pay and a train ticket home for both ourselves and spouse.

I took mine from Buffalo, NY to Tarrytown, NY

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